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I Believe

I Believe - CD - $12.00
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I Believe                  

Includes: King of Glory, I'm a Believer - I'm Not a Doubter, Sing a Song for Jesus, Worship Medley, Timing With God - A Prophecy, I Believe, When the Roll is Called Up Yonder (A Tribute to Mama), I Will Bless Thee O Lord, God is Faithful

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The cost is reduced to $9.00.

Let's Have a Revival - CD - Including Tony & Susan in Live Praise & Worship - $8.00
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Let's Have a Revival

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Tony & Susan Leading Worship 06/24/12/ (MP3)
 (Appr. 20 mins.) Stream / Download

Tony & Susan Leading Worship 03/11/12 (MP3)
 (Appr. 25 mins.) Stream / Download

Let's Have a Revival (MP3)
(Appr. 4 mins.) Stream / Download

Hallelujah Anyhow (MP3)
(Appr. 3 mins.) Stream / Download

Worthy Are You Lord (MP3)
(Appr. 5 mins.) Stream / Download

Tony & Susan Leading Worship 09/04/11 (MP3)
(Appr. 18 mins.) Stream / Download

Tony & Susan Leading Worship 01/01/12 (MP3)
(Appr. 27 mins.) Stream / Download

As the Deer - Live 01-15-12 - Susan McCanless (MP3)
(Appr. 4 mins.) Stream / Download

Hallelujah to the Lamb / I Saw the Lord - Live 01/15/12 - Tony & Susan McCanless (MP3)
(Appr. 5 mins.) Stream / Download

I Have the Holy Ghost - sheet music (PDF)

Prophecy: Timing With God (MP3)

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