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A lady named Nancy sent a prayer request. Having her permission, I would like to share portions of two of her emails: the first one, and one three weeks later.

“I have debilitating tinnitus and I feel so stressed and helpless. I am a single parent with 2 daughters. I haven’t been able to sleep and have lost 40 pounds. I’m scared that I’ll lose my job as I am fatigued from lack of sleep. My left ear rings incessantly. My right has a clanging sound going clang, clang. Tinnitus has taken over my life. I barely exist now. Please pray for me. Thank you for your kindness.”

“Hallelujah! Absolutely…please share my testimony! I could not sleep 3 weeks ago; and now I can sleep throughout the night. Tony, I want you to know that you have been such an inspiration to me. Your words and scriptures of encouragement are powerful and I know that you are God’s vessel and messenger in delivering these messages to me. You have taught me to never give up as the Lord wants me well. Indeed, the seed is producing results and I feel it working. ‘By Jesus’ stripes I am healed!’” – Nancy

I receive many prayer requests for healing. I routinely make sure the one asking for healing is a Christian and living for God. That’s the most important thing. Then I want to help them receive what God has provided. When people are not healed instantly, I encourage them to continue to believe that healing is in them now working and producing results. I often refer them to the words of Jesus Christ in Mark 4:26. Faith as a seed produces results. However, like any garden, the results may depend on their diligence. The Bible says that it’s impossible to please God without faith, and that He rewards those who diligently seek Him (Heb 11:6). I encourage them to stop praying the same way – to stop praying for healing, but to thank God they have healing. It’s often a faith issue. Faith is released by words and actions. Unbelief is also released by words and actions. If people would believe, do, and say the right things, that is, those things in line with God’s Word, they are in a better position to receive. But when people doubt, and begin to believe, do, and say things in line with what they see and feel, the seed of God’s Word in their hearts is hindered.

In her emails, I was delighted to hear that Nancy was doing what I suggested. She would read the healing Scriptures I suggested. She would spend time in prayer asking God to reveal any hindrance that might exist, and praising Him for healing. She would be bold in her stand with confidence that God wanted her well, and speaking against the symptoms in Jesus’ Name. She read other materials I have available on my website. I was excited to see her diligence. I prayed for her, that she would not cast away her confidence which has great recompense of reward (Heb 10:35). God is faithful! – Tony McCanless / www.mccanlessministries.com

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My name is Rev. Judy Smith. I have been partially deaf in my right ear and totally deaf in my left ear most of my life. I have been reading lips, as I have been living in a nearly silent world, especially the last few years.

I remember being a young girl, and my Christian parents (my dad was a minister) taking me to doctors. I had infections in my ears, and pain so bad that it radiated from my ears to the back of my head. I believe I had a punctured eardrum in my left ear. At the age of sixteen, I had two surgeries on my ears. They removed the bones in my ears and placed plastic ones in their place. The doctors did the surgeries six months apart. The surgeries eliminated the pain as I remember, though my hearing improved little. In my junior year in high school, I had a tutor at home, as I could not hear the teachers. I graduated from high school and went to a community college where I got a degree in Nursing.

I prayed for normal hearing over the years and kept on believing for my miracle.

Saturday, March 29, 2014, Brother Tony and Sister Susan McCanless were holding a revival at The Gathering Place Church in Walnut Cove, NC. Brother Tony asked for people who had hearing problems to come forward, as he would pray for each individual. I knew, I knew, I knew that God was going to heal my deaf ears as Brother Tony prayed for me! There was not a doubt in my mind or in my heart that I was going to receive a miracle in my ears. The entire congregation was believing and praying. God touched me and healed me!

Thank God! I can hear in both ears, the first time in approximately 60 years! (I’m 67.) This morning, Sunday (the day of this writing), I played the piano at church, and could actually hear the music! I play by sheet music, and had used that gift to glorify God, even though I could not actually hear that well what I was playing.

I thank God! I can’t thank Him enough. If you get a chance to attend a meeting being held by Brother Tony and Sister McCanless, I encourage you to go! You will be blessed!! He’s a dynamic teacher and preacher of the Word of God, and Sister Susan has an outstanding singing voice! She has a God-given gift, no doubt.

Thank you for allowing me to share my testimony with you. Ephesians 1:16: “Cease not to give thanks for you, making mention of you in my prayers.”

Rev. Judy Smith

Tony & Judy Smith_small
Tony McCanless with Judy Smith

From the minister’s perspective:

The Lord revealed to me some of what was going to happen in the service the night Judy received her healing. The previous night, I had preached on special anointings. I had asked who had ear problems, and of the hands that were raised, I seemed to be impressed to ask a man to come forward. When I asked him to remove his hearing aids, he refused. I had already sensed in my spirit that he might not expect to be healed. His action certainly seemed to confirm that. Unbelief affected the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ. In Mark 8:23, He led a blind man out of the town before He ministered to him, possibly to get away from unbelief. In Mark 7:32, a deaf man, who also had an impediment in his speech, was brought to Jesus. Verse 33 says He took him aside from the multitude, probably to get away from unbelief. Another clear indication that unbelief affected Jesus was when He raised Jairus’ little girl from the dead. In Mark 5:40, they laughed when Jesus said she wasn’t dead, but only asleep. In response to that unbelief, He ran them out of the house. The only ones He took in the room with Him, were the parents, and Peter, James, and John. If unbelief affected the healing and miracle ministry of Jesus Himself, it will affect us when doing His works in His Name.

I asked the others who had ear problems if they could come the next night. Judy said she read lips, so I faced her to talk to her. I encouraged her to say to herself several times that night and the next day, that she would be healed when I prayed for her the next night. I asked her if she understood me, and if she would do that. She said she would.

The next day, I was in prayer much for the service. I also was very concerned for the man that would not take out his hearing aids. I had expected him to be healed and not need them anymore. His response did not seem to agree with that. I was concerned for him. I wanted to help him if I could. I even considered finding a way to contact him to see if I could talk to him privately. I sensed by the Spirit that I should not do that. The Lord spoke to my heart and reminded me that in Mark 6:5-6, He marveled at their unbelief, and could do no mighty work there. I, too, marveled that this man did not seem to believe. Jesus said to me that I would not be able to get everyone to believe. He said the man would not be back the next night.

I asked the Lord how I was to minister to Judy, totally deaf in one ear, and nearly deaf in the other ear. I was feeling inadequate. I’m not the healer. I can’t heal anyone’s ears. I knew I totally needed the Lord’s anointing, and people with me who also would believe.

That’s when the Lord showed me what was going to happen. He told me not to preach or teach first, as I usually would. He said that during the music, and He would show me when during the service, to keep the music going, but playing softly. And at that time, I was to go to Judy and minister to her in Jesus’ Name, with the anointing of the Holy Ghost. He said her ears would open and she could enjoy the rest of the service. That’s when I knew what was going to happen. The Lord said she was going to enjoy the rest of the service. Praise God forever!

That night while singing “I Believe,” it happened just that way. God opened her ears! And the next day, Sunday morning, her face just beamed and shone as she played the piano and could hear it! She played by sheet music, and said she had relied partially on the vibrations. But now she could actually hear her music as she played for the glory of God.

I am so glad to have been in that revival with Bishop Harry & Janice Wood, in Walnut Cove, NC. I am so glad to have met Rev. Judy Smith. I am so glad our precious Lord, and living Saviour, is still our Healer. I praise God with my sister, Judy, for the great things the Lord has done.

Tony McCanless

To order this and other books & tracts: www.mccanlessministries.com/books.htm

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We had a wonderful time ministering in Siler City, NC yesterday. We so appreciate Pastor & Sister Rakes, and the congregation. But we especially praise the Lord for His Word, His Spirit, and the healings & miracles.

A young lady came forward for prayer. She said she had some tumors and growths in her abdomen. She said one tumor was about the size of a tennis ball. I knew that by revelation. I asked her and she confirmed what the Spirit had told me. Surgery was already scheduled. I asked her if she would make sure they checked her again before any surgery. I was about to pray for her, and I expected a miracle. I had just preached God’s Word and faith was high–the anointing to heal was present.

She said she was in a lot of pain. It affected her entire lower abdomen. For the sake of modesty, I asked my wife to lay her hands on her lower stomach, so I could lay hands on top of my wife’s. I asked the pastor to join me and also lay his hands on top of my hands. The anointing began to flow. It was so strong she fell under God’s power. I prayed for a miracle in Jesus’ Name. I commanded the growths to die and disappear in Jesus’ Name. I commanded the pain to go in Jesus’ Name. In John 14:14, Jesus told us to ask in His Name and He would do it. This is always when in fellowship with His Spirit, and never apart from His Word, His will, and the leading of His Spirit. The Holy Ghost was prompting me and leading me to minister to her in this way.

She was still on the floor. I asked her if she could get up. I perceived that the pain was gone. I asked her. With tears of joy, she exclaimed the tumor was gone; the pain was gone! She bent over to touch her toes, with no pain. Her mother was there, so I asked her to check her out. She said she could not find the tumor or growths as she had before. She said the entire lower-stomach was soft now, whereas before it was tight and hard. Praise God!

Others were healed. A man was healed of back pain and stiffness in his knees. Another man was healed of an ear condition. He first, though, wanted to get his heart right with God. What a tremendous move of God’s Spirit in our midst. We thank God! We praise God! – Tony McCanless

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Friends & Partners,

I want to share with you a testimony … by permission. I got the praise report this evening. A lady from the Philippines emailed me a few days ago to ask for prayer. She had seen one of my YouTube videos of tinnitus being healed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvoXNVwr9qw.

She said she had the same problem. Many healings and miracles have occurred in this ministry over the years, but I’ve noticed that often, the Lord allows me to minister to ear conditions. I wrote back to her that I command the condition to leave her now in Jesus’ Name and asked her to believe it with me and to say aloud that she receives her healing … and to praise God for it. I asked her to write back to me to say what happened. Here’s what she wrote:

Hi Tony,

I WAS HEALED! THANK GOD! Please join me in praising the Lord for this healing. May GOD anoint me with his spirit that I may also declare healing for those who are sick. My heart goes out for those who need prayers especially who are sick.

Thanks Tony and to GOD be the Glory!. Surely, I will connect with you soon. God Bless!

I wanted to share this you. She agreed and gave me permission. Praise God for His goodness! And thank you for your prayers and support for this ministry!


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Susan and I were in Seaford, Delaware this past Sunday. We praise God for His goodness. An older man received healing in his ears. He said the doctor tested him and he had 50% loss of hearing in both ears and a ringing in his left ear. I prayed and commanded the ears to be normal in Jesus’ Name. He said the ringing stopped instantly and his ears opened up and he could hear clearly. I whispered faintly behind both ears and he promptly repeated every word I said. Praise God! This was a gift of healing. Previously I wrote a blog about The Gift of Faith and a healing that occurred in Selbyville, Delaware earlier this month. Today I’d like to teach a little about Gifts of Healings.

We’ve been to this church a few times and they want us back for at least three days after the first of the year. The pastor’s wife said, “Come teach our people, Brother Tony.” As the Lord leads, I intend to. This is a small church. Numbers and finances are not the reason we accept invitations to preach, teach, and minister. But we do need finances to pay the expenses of the ministry and the monthly bills, even our personal bills. We so value our partners and others who help us go to any size church and congregation … and even expand.

Gifts of Healings

In 1 Corinthians 12, there are nine gifts of the Spirit mentioned. These might be understood more correctly as manifestations of the Holy Spirit. Seven of these operated in the Old Testament and in the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ. According to John 3:34, Jesus had the Spirit without measure … all of the anointings, abilities, and manifestations of the Holy Spirit. That infers that we today have the Spirit by measure. This is further understood by realizing that when on the earth, Jesus was the entire Body of Christ. Today He is the Head and we are the Body of Christ, and members in particular as taught in 1 Corinthians 12. The gifts of the Spirit are now divided and given to His Body and the separate members of His Body as He wills … and these gifts also operate as He wills, but as we yield.

In 1 Corinthians 12:28, we’re told that God has set gifts of healings in the Church. Notice the use of the plural word, healings. Elsewhere in the chapter, the word is healing, singular, but in the original Greek text, it’s the same word. I want to explain why I believe it’s appropriate to understood these as gifts of healings, plural.

In Acts 8:5, Philip went to Samaria to preach Christ. The people with one accord gave heed unto the things he said, hearing and seeing the miracles which he did. In verse seven it says that unclean spirits came out crying with a loud voice, and many taken with palsies, and that were lame were healed. There was great joy in that city. I want you to notice that we do not have mention of any healings other than those with the palsy and who were lame. No other conditions were mentioned. I believe Philip had specific gifts of healings to minister to these specific conditions.

Again, Jesus had the Spirit without measure. All of the gifts of healings operated in Jesus’ earthly ministry. Even so, they still operated as God willed. In John 5:19 after healing a man with this manifestation of the Spirit, Jesus explained that He could not do anything of Himself, but only what He saw the Father do. In John five, Jesus didn’t preach here, but where Jesus preached, more of these manifestations were in operation. There were times where Jesus preached and He healed them all. But in John chapter five, He only healed one person. Where people cried out and called out to Him, where people received healings with their own faith, Jesus could minister to them. He often would make mention that it was their faith in operation, which released the power and anointing in His earthly ministry. But again, in John chapter five, the man did not even know it was Jesus. It was not the man’s faith this time. It was a gift of the Spirit, and that operated as the Spirit willed. It was a gift of healing.

Jesus had all of the gifts of healings. But He was the entire Body of Christ. We today are members in particular. It seems that Philip only had some gifts of healings to minister to those with the palsy and who were lame. That’s not to say that ministers should not pray for all the sick. Mark 16:18 says for all believers to lay hands on the sick … of any condition … and expect them to recover. But that’s not the same as what I call “ministry gifts.”

The passage in 1 Corinthians 12:28-30 teaches that God has given some, not everyone, gifts of healings. The question is asked, do all have these gifts? The answer to all of those questions in that passage is, “no.” For example, though all Spirit-filled believers can speak in tongues in their own private prayer lives, that’s not the same application of tongues and interpretation as a message to the Church. As a ministry to the Church, a message from God to the Church requiring interpretation, not every one would have those gifts of tongues and/or interpretations. But yes, in the private prayer life, every child of God can be filled with the Spirit and speak in tongues to God in prayer. Again however, the answer to all of those questions in that passage is, “no.” I call these “ministry gifts.” Every child of God can pray for the sick. Anyone might pray and see a miracle. Every Spirit-filled believer can speak in tongues in prayer to better worship and praise God, to better pray about things when we don’t know just exactly how to pray completely. But there are also those gifts that are a part of those called into the ministry. It’s somewhat like a carpenter and his hammer. You might not be a carpenter, but you may still own a hammer. Your hammer just might be the very same kind that a carpenter would own and use. But a carpenter would use his more … and quite possibly would be better when using it. A carpenter would use a hammer more often even though you might have one and use one on occasion. Healings can occur through anyone in the Body of Christ, but some ministers may have them as ministry gifts. Jesus had all of them. In Acts chapter eight, Philip had some of them. Today there are gifts of healings in the ministry. These operate in conjunction with the calling and anointing of the specific minister. They operate as the Spirit wills and as the minister yields. The one receiving the healing may not need as much faith to receive, but God does require more of those who have grown in His Word, or should have. Very often, the individual faith of the one healed is necessary to keep the healing even though the healing was administered as a gift of the Spirit and a part of that specific minister’s anointing. God doesn’t expect as much from someone young in the Lord. Just like us and our children, He expects more of His children who have grown … or those who should have whether they did or not. But it is easier to keep a healing even if you do use your own faith to do so. Having a gift of healing is a great manifestation from God and we give Him glory for His goodness!

Tony McCanless

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Susan and I had two wonderful meetings in Selbyville, Delaware last week. Thank you for your prayers and support! We will be back in Delaware this Sunday. Again, we ask for your prayers.

The meetings were wonderful … the people received this ministry with love and appreciation. We thank God for His fruitfulness. There were many healings and moves of the Holy Spirit. The prophetic ministry was in operation on occasion. One example of note, I was able to speak into a young man’s life about the call of God upon him and encourage him in following God’s direction.

As I mentioned, several people were healed of various conditions, but one I especially want to mention involved the operation of the gift of faith as mentioned in I Corinthians twelve. A lady came forward who could not completely lift her right arm. I suppose she could only lift it as high as her elbow being even with her shoulder. I reached out to take her hand to pray for her, but when I did, the anointing of the Holy Ghost came upon me and I found myself quickly lifting her arm fully extended over her head. It felt to me as if an unseen hand had taken my hand to lift hers up. I didn’t intend to do that, but as I touched her, the gift of faith came into operation and I knew God had healed her completely and we could act on that manifestation. As I said, it felt to me like someone actually lifted my hand up while holding hers. Praise God!

The Gift of Faith

The gift of faith is often misunderstood. It’s one of the nine gifts, or to be more correct, manifestations of the Holy Spirit as taught in I Corinthians chapter twelve. It is not the same as a believer’s faith in God which comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God (Romans 10:17). All of God’s children have faith in God. You can’t be saved without faith. The Bible teaches that you’re saved by grace through faith, and that is a gift of God. But the gift of faith, or special faith, is different. It’s a manifestation of the Holy Spirit which operates as the Spirit wills when the Holy Ghost is in operation in ministry. Seven of the gifts of the Spirit operated in Jesus’ ministry. According to John 3:34, Jesus had the Spirit without measure. He had all of the anointing, but He was under the old covenant. You don’t find tongues and the interpretation of tongues until after the Day of Pentecost. Jesus said in John sixteen, that if He did not go away, the Comforter would not come. He was referring to the indwelling Holy Spirit and the operation of the Holy Spirit in the Church. In the Old Testament, you can see demonstrations of the seven manifestations of the Holy Spirit. In Jesus’ ministry, you can see these manifestations as well. In John 5:19, Jesus explained that He could not do things of this nature on His own. He depended on the operation of the Holy Spirit. We, too, cannot operate the manifestations of the Holy Spirit on our own. They operate as the Spirit wills. This includes special faith, or the gift of faith.

In general, faith is released by words and/or actions. This is also true of the gift of faith. One very good example of this manifestation of the Spirit can be found in Acts chapter three. In verse six, Peter said what he had he could give, and he took the lame man by the hand and lifted him up in the Name of Jesus. I’ve heard preachers say that they wished they had that kind of faith, and that we should all grow in faith so we could do that, too. But Peter didn’t do that with Peter’s faith. If he had, he could have done it the day before. Jesus no doubt passed by that very man Himself, and Jesus didn’t pick him up. These operations are by the Spirit and as the Spirit wills. This was not Peter’s faith, it was a gift of faith – special faith from God for that specific moment of ministry. Peter even said in verse sixteen that it was the Name of Jesus and something else, faith in the Name. But again, it wasn’t Peter’s faith or he could have done it yesterday. And also, notice who did the acting. It was Peter who took him by the hand and lifted him up. Faith is released by words and/or actions. Peter is the one who acted here, but not by his own faith in God. It was special faith by the Spirit of God for that moment of ministry. Peter was aware of it. He had his eyes fastened on the man. He knew he had something from God. Something was stirring in him that didn’t stir the other days Peter had walked by this man. But it was stirring in him now. He knew he had something from God that very moment he hadn’t had before. He knew he could give what he had to the man. He knew he could act on this special faith. Peter took him by the hand and lifted him up. It might also be important to note that the man was agreeable. He was looking to Peter to receive something. He was not resisting. But clearly, it was Peter who acted and responded to the operation of the gift of faith.

Contrast this healing in Acts chapter three with the one in John chapter five. There Jesus spoke to a man who also was lame. He told him to take up his bed and walk. The man didn’t know it was Jesus. It wasn’t the man’s faith at all. The man was healed by an operation of the Spirit of God. Jesus didn’t heal him simply because He wanted to single him out. There was a multitude of sick people there and Jesus only healed one. Again, He explained in verse nineteen that it was by the Spirit of God. He couldn’t do anything of this nature on His own or of Himself. In Philippians 2:7, we’re taught that Jesus laid aside His power and privileges associated with being the Son of God, equal with God, and one with God. He came to earth as a man anointed by God. He had all of the anointing available in that dispensation, but He still completely depended on the operation of the Spirit when ministering to others. In John five, this healing wasn’t based on the man’s faith having heard the preaching or teaching of Jesus. Again, he didn’t even know it was Jesus. This was an operation of the Spirit through Jesus. You might ask, what gift of the Spirit operated through Jesus here? Was it also a gift of faith? No. Jesus didn’t act. Jesus didn’t pick him up. Yes, Jesus spoke to him and faith is involved in virtually all aspects of ministry, but here, it is a gift of healing. The healing occurred first and then the man got up and walked. The healing occurred first and then the action. In Acts chapter three, the action occurred first, and then the healing. In John five, Jesus had a manifestation of a gift of healing. In Acts three, we see Peter bring healing to a man by the gift of faith.

Tony McCanless


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Susan and I returned home this week from a 10 day ministry trip in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.The services were wonderful; the Lord is truly wonderful. The musical ministry was an important part of the services. We had times of high praise … that sawdust between your toes, tent-meeting anointing as from years ago … and also the fragrant worship of basking in His presence. In one of the services in Delaware, healings began to occur during the musical ministry as I played the keyboard and Susan and I led the congregation in worship … with new choruses and melodies as given by the Spirit. What a time!

We especially thank God for the ones making decisions for Christ, either for the first time, or coming back to God. We also thank God for the hearing of His Word. The teaching was well-received … people are hungry for the Word of God. The services in Pennsylvania were very fruitful. We so enjoyed our time there. And also in Delaware … we look forward to being back in that church again. But I especially want to mention some healings that occurred in Wildwood, NJ. Two who had tinnitus (ringing in the ears) were healed instantly and completely. There was also a lady who was partially deaf since age nine who was healed. She wore two hearing aids and was 70% deaf in the right ear and 30% deaf in the left ear. I commanded the ears to opened in Jesus’ Name. She said she heard something like a “whoosh” as her ears opened. She could hear a faint whisper behind her right ear. After the service, she was having normal conversations without needing the hearing aids. Praise God! Many others received healing of various conditions as we prayed for them in the Name of Jesus. Below are two video clips of some of those healings.

Tony McCanless

View in YouTube:
Partial Deafness Healed: http://youtu.be/OiB4BpkPGXw
Tinnitus Healed: http://youtu.be/cvoXNVwr9qw

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This past Sunday we ministered at a church in High Point, North Carolina. I had been in that church several weeks earlier and had prayed for several people and so I asked if some had a praise report. One man testified that before prayer he had stomach problems. He had severe pain at times and couldn’t keep things down. I laid hands on him in Jesus’ Name and prayed for him. He said the pain left instantly and he later realized he could eat without any problems. He had already sent $100 to his mother and asked her to send him some medicine, but when it arrived, he had already been healed by the Lord and didn’t need the medicine. He sent it back.

Another man testified that when I was in the church before, I prayed for him and God healed him. He reported he had been in a car accident and had broken his leg. It didn’t heal right and he had problems with it since. After prayer, he was healed by the power of God. The next day at work, he realized that he could use his foot and leg normally without any pain or discomfort.

Several people also testified they were healed in that service that day. We praise God!

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Susan and I were recently in Delaware and Maryland … we ministered in four different churches while on this ministry trip. Possibly the greatest testimony is that of an 86 year old lady who gave her heart to the Lord Jesus. She said she had never prayed to be saved before … had never asked the Lord to come into her heart. What an honor to lead her to the Lord!

That Sunday night we were in Delmar, Maryland at Living Bread. What a joy to be with Bishop Long and the congregation again. The last time we were there, I remember Bishop Long asked me to pray for a lady to bless her and minister to her. I didn’t know her situation. She told me after the service that when I touched her, the headache left instantly. Thank God for His anointing!

The following Tuesday night we were in Selbyville, Delaware. What a time, what a time! God is so good! Several reported that they were healed of arthritis and pain. A lady had just been discharged from the hospital that day for surgery on her knee. I asked Susan to put her hands on her knee and I laid my hands on top of Susan’s. Then I prayed in Jesus’ Name. With my eyes, I saw the swelling go down. It’s almost like you think to yourself, “Did I just see what I thought I saw?” I said that something happened to the swelling and the lady exclaimed that her pants were no longer tight. Susan said she felt the tightness leave. She said she could feel that it was tight … and then the word she used was “gooshy.”  That’s a miracle of healing. It’s awesome! God’s power is awesome!

The next night we were in Georgetown, Delaware. Several reported that they received healing. One lady said she was deaf in her left ear since birth. I prayed for her. I was prompted in my spirit to ask God to create anything that had been missing. I didn’t know the situation. Susan learned after the service that she had been born without some of her inner ear. I commanded the ear to open, covered her other ear and then whispered in that ear. She said for the first time ever in her life, she could hear a little bit. It was faint, but she could hear a little. She also said she felt a warm tingling sensation in that ear. Praise God! We’re expecting a complete manifestation!