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Today I uploaded a video from August 13, 1993. This is at The Jamaica Evangelistic Association Annual Convention with Bishop V.T. Williams in Kingston, Jamaica. It was about 10 PM on a Friday night … a powerful service still going strong. I whispered in Bishop Williams’ ear that I thought I had something from the Spirit of God that would fit in with the flow of the service. He turned the mic over to me. A few spontaneous choruses came as prompted by the leading of the Spirit. It begins with … “Get ready for the vision … the vision of the Lord is, take it back.” It ends with … “Be strong in the Lord and the power of His might. Walk in the day; don’t walk in the night.” Bishop Williams takes the service back and has several children sing along. I still enjoy the expression on those children’s faces and hearing them sing. Now nearly 20 years later, I hope they’re serving God with their whole hearts!

Tony McCanless at The Jamaica Evangelistic Association Annual Convention 08/13/93

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I recently listened to a message by John Osteen. He was preaching at Kenneth E. Hagin’s 1981 Campmeeting in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I attended many of those meetings in those days … the Campmeetings in Tulsa and the Bible Seminars on the Rhema Bible Training Center campus in Broken Arrow. Many reading this may recognize the name John Osteen as belonging to Joel Osteen’s father. He was the pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. I miss him. Well, I miss Kenneth E. Hagin also. I thought it would be good to share with you the main points from this 1981 message from John Osteen. He taught on how to have your ministry grow and develop. He gave these seven points patterned after the Apostle Paul:

1: Make much of your first experience of meeting the Master, the Lord Jesus

2: Begin where you are

3: Be faithful in your Jerusalem – your beginning

4: Be faithful in the silent years when nobody seems to notice you and the dream seems forgotten

5: Trust God to bring a breakthrough

6:Promotion comes when God sees you’re ready

7: Stay full of the Holy Ghost and don’t copy other people, but follow the Holy Ghost

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This past Sunday we ministered at a church in High Point, North Carolina. I had been in that church several weeks earlier and had prayed for several people and so I asked if some had a praise report. One man testified that before prayer he had stomach problems. He had severe pain at times and couldn’t keep things down. I laid hands on him in Jesus’ Name and prayed for him. He said the pain left instantly and he later realized he could eat without any problems. He had already sent $100 to his mother and asked her to send him some medicine, but when it arrived, he had already been healed by the Lord and didn’t need the medicine. He sent it back.

Another man testified that when I was in the church before, I prayed for him and God healed him. He reported he had been in a car accident and had broken his leg. It didn’t heal right and he had problems with it since. After prayer, he was healed by the power of God. The next day at work, he realized that he could use his foot and leg normally without any pain or discomfort.

Several people also testified they were healed in that service that day. We praise God!

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Susan and I were recently in Delaware and Maryland … we ministered in four different churches while on this ministry trip. Possibly the greatest testimony is that of an 86 year old lady who gave her heart to the Lord Jesus. She said she had never prayed to be saved before … had never asked the Lord to come into her heart. What an honor to lead her to the Lord!

That Sunday night we were in Delmar, Maryland at Living Bread. What a joy to be with Bishop Long and the congregation again. The last time we were there, I remember Bishop Long asked me to pray for a lady to bless her and minister to her. I didn’t know her situation. She told me after the service that when I touched her, the headache left instantly. Thank God for His anointing!

The following Tuesday night we were in Selbyville, Delaware. What a time, what a time! God is so good! Several reported that they were healed of arthritis and pain. A lady had just been discharged from the hospital that day for surgery on her knee. I asked Susan to put her hands on her knee and I laid my hands on top of Susan’s. Then I prayed in Jesus’ Name. With my eyes, I saw the swelling go down. It’s almost like you think to yourself, “Did I just see what I thought I saw?” I said that something happened to the swelling and the lady exclaimed that her pants were no longer tight. Susan said she felt the tightness leave. She said she could feel that it was tight … and then the word she used was “gooshy.”  That’s a miracle of healing. It’s awesome! God’s power is awesome!

The next night we were in Georgetown, Delaware. Several reported that they received healing. One lady said she was deaf in her left ear since birth. I prayed for her. I was prompted in my spirit to ask God to create anything that had been missing. I didn’t know the situation. Susan learned after the service that she had been born without some of her inner ear. I commanded the ear to open, covered her other ear and then whispered in that ear. She said for the first time ever in her life, she could hear a little bit. It was faint, but she could hear a little. She also said she felt a warm tingling sensation in that ear. Praise God! We’re expecting a complete manifestation!