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The church greeter provides a very valuable and necessary service to the Lord and to the local church. Though most are volunteers, there are rich heavenly rewards awaiting those faithful to this important spiritual service. The Bible teaches in Acts chapter six and also 1 Corinthians chapter 12 of the importance of the ministry of helps and those involved in these ministries.

Everyone coming to a church, members and visitors alike, would likely appreciate a warm greeting. Don’t we all enjoy a smile, a handshake, a hug, and a sincere word of appreciation? This is especially important to those visiting for the first time. First-time visitors might already feel awkward and uncomfortable around unfamiliar surroundings. The greeter at the door is very important in making that visitor feel welcome. Some important things to consider and to remember, especially for first-time visitors are:

  • Smile – “We’re so glad you’re here!”
  • If appropriate, give a handshake or a “holy” hug. (Be modest.)li>
  • Ask for their names and give them yours.
  • Give them a Welcome Packet and explain the Visitor’s Card.
  • Be sensitive to special needs:
    1. Do they need to know where the bathrooms are?
    2. Do they need help walking (elderly or infirm)?
    3. Is it raining – do they need an umbrella?
    4. Do they need information concerning youth ministries?
  • Direct them personally or with a gesture towards the sanctuary, so they are sure where to go—and that they can be seated where they like—or that ushers will help them.li>

Have a spiritual attitude and be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. You might be led to pray and minister to them. Be polite, but refrain from a lot of carnal chit-chat, though you do want to be friendly. You’re representing the Lord Jesus and this local church, and you’re greeting them as they come into the presence of God.

To reiterate, everyone will likely appreciate a warm greeting, but this is especially important for the visitor who may feel uncomfortable when entering into unfamiliar surroundings. For this reason:

  • Greeters should try to be early, because some visitors are early.
  • Greeters should try to stay at, near, or in sight of the door for a while after the service has started, because visitors are sometimes late.
  • Greeters should try to be at the door for every service, midweek or otherwise, because visitors sometimes come to midweek and/or special services.
  • Greeters are important in helping the atmosphere seem warm and inviting, especially during those times when the sanctuary doors are closed before and as a service begins.

We may not always know when a first-time visitor is coming, so we need to always try to be ready. Keep in mind, too, that although we believe the Lord is speaking and leading people to come, the enemy is also against church growth and people coming to a good church. For some, it may only take a little thing for them to change their minds and turn around and leave. The greeter is often the first opportunity for the local church to show and demonstrate the love of God—and to show Christian fellowship and outreach.

We are thankful for those people who volunteer for this important ministry. Let’s all be faithful to serve our Lord Jesus Christ and one another in His love.

Tony McCanless

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