10. March 2014 · Comments Off on Miracle Testimony · Categories: Testimonies

We had a wonderful time ministering in Siler City, NC yesterday. We so appreciate Pastor & Sister Rakes, and the congregation. But we especially praise the Lord for His Word, His Spirit, and the healings & miracles.

A young lady came forward for prayer. She said she had some tumors and growths in her abdomen. She said one tumor was about the size of a tennis ball. I knew that by revelation. I asked her and she confirmed what the Spirit had told me. Surgery was already scheduled. I asked her if she would make sure they checked her again before any surgery. I was about to pray for her, and I expected a miracle. I had just preached God’s Word and faith was high–the anointing to heal was present.

She said she was in a lot of pain. It affected her entire lower abdomen. For the sake of modesty, I asked my wife to lay her hands on her lower stomach, so I could lay hands on top of my wife’s. I asked the pastor to join me and also lay his hands on top of my hands. The anointing began to flow. It was so strong she fell under God’s power. I prayed for a miracle in Jesus’ Name. I commanded the growths to die and disappear in Jesus’ Name. I commanded the pain to go in Jesus’ Name. In John 14:14, Jesus told us to ask in His Name and He would do it. This is always when in fellowship with His Spirit, and never apart from His Word, His will, and the leading of His Spirit. The Holy Ghost was prompting me and leading me to minister to her in this way.

She was still on the floor. I asked her if she could get up. I perceived that the pain was gone. I asked her. With tears of joy, she exclaimed the tumor was gone; the pain was gone! She bent over to touch her toes, with no pain. Her mother was there, so I asked her to check her out. She said she could not find the tumor or growths as she had before. She said the entire lower-stomach was soft now, whereas before it was tight and hard. Praise God!

Others were healed. A man was healed of back pain and stiffness in his knees. Another man was healed of an ear condition. He first, though, wanted to get his heart right with God. What a tremendous move of God’s Spirit in our midst. We thank God! We praise God! – Tony McCanless