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A lady named Nancy sent a prayer request. Having her permission, I would like to share portions of two of her emails: the first one, and one three weeks later.

“I have debilitating tinnitus and I feel so stressed and helpless. I am a single parent with 2 daughters. I haven’t been able to sleep and have lost 40 pounds. I’m scared that I’ll lose my job as I am fatigued from lack of sleep. My left ear rings incessantly. My right has a clanging sound going clang, clang. Tinnitus has taken over my life. I barely exist now. Please pray for me. Thank you for your kindness.”

“Hallelujah! Absolutely…please share my testimony! I could not sleep 3 weeks ago; and now I can sleep throughout the night. Tony, I want you to know that you have been such an inspiration to me. Your words and scriptures of encouragement are powerful and I know that you are God’s vessel and messenger in delivering these messages to me. You have taught me to never give up as the Lord wants me well. Indeed, the seed is producing results and I feel it working. ‘By Jesus’ stripes I am healed!’” – Nancy

I receive many prayer requests for healing. I routinely make sure the one asking for healing is a Christian and living for God. That’s the most important thing. Then I want to help them receive what God has provided. When people are not healed instantly, I encourage them to continue to believe that healing is in them now working and producing results. I often refer them to the words of Jesus Christ in Mark 4:26. Faith as a seed produces results. However, like any garden, the results may depend on their diligence. The Bible says that it’s impossible to please God without faith, and that He rewards those who diligently seek Him (Heb 11:6). I encourage them to stop praying the same way – to stop praying for healing, but to thank God they have healing. It’s often a faith issue. Faith is released by words and actions. Unbelief is also released by words and actions. If people would believe, do, and say the right things, that is, those things in line with God’s Word, they are in a better position to receive. But when people doubt, and begin to believe, do, and say things in line with what they see and feel, the seed of God’s Word in their hearts is hindered.

In her emails, I was delighted to hear that Nancy was doing what I suggested. She would read the healing Scriptures I suggested. She would spend time in prayer asking God to reveal any hindrance that might exist, and praising Him for healing. She would be bold in her stand with confidence that God wanted her well, and speaking against the symptoms in Jesus’ Name. She read other materials I have available on my website. I was excited to see her diligence. I prayed for her, that she would not cast away her confidence which has great recompense of reward (Heb 10:35). God is faithful! – Tony McCanless / www.mccanlessministries.com

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